we are the kennedy family

Together we have decades of experience, and have had the privilege of capturing many hundreds of weddings in Cyprus and beyond.

We pride ourselves on being much more than just photographers and videographers. We are advice-givers, time-keepers, cheerleaders, dress-organisers, fan-holders, phone-keepers, bad joke-tellers and so much more!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and we will do everything we can to make it as easy and stress free as we can!

photographer and editor


Caitlin is our lead photographer, and our lead photo editor.

She loves indie and rock music, 90s sitcoms, bad jokes, Pink Gin and Lemonade, funky earrings, and the family dog, Chuck.

lead videographer and editor




Martin is our lead videographer and he also is our main video editor.

He enjoys listening to his classic vinyl collection, watching Formula One, and loves cooking, especially Indian food!

Brenda is our behind the scenes guru and your initial point of contact!

She likes classic Hollywood films, a good cup of tea (or a margarita, she isn't too fussy), classic Queen and making her own flavoured gins!

head motivator and very good boy


Chuck is our chief motivator, and our lead good boy.

He enjoys tummy scratches, going for long walks and somehow taking up the entirety of a double bed.