CJ and Louise’s Bird of Paradise Inspired Wedding at The King Evelthon

June 3, 2021

Is there anything you wish you'd known before your big day?

What was the proposal like?

Well, it did not go to plan. CJ had planned a nice proposal over the early may bank holiday (2018) however I stayed out too late the night before and was really hungover on the day he planned to propose! He had to cancel the horse and carriage he'd booked. He ended up proposing in a random field on a walk in Windsor close to the spa hotel we were staying in. (I never come out looking good from that story!)

It's cliché but the day goes really quickly. We were a Thomas Cook wedding that was cancelled a month before the wedding so we had to rebook most things. Dont skimp on a good photographer and videographer. You'll have those memories forever.

What was the moment of the day that will always stick with you?

Have you got any advice for future Brides?

We loved the sunset photoshoot. We would have never found that location without you and it was such a lovely quiet time away from the partying of the day. I love the sunsets at the King Evelthon too. Very glamourous and a treat for everyone. Then of course the dancefloor is always memorable for all the right reasons.

Do it your way. You'll probably try to make allowances for other people, but do what feels right for you, not what you think you should do, or feel obliged to do.

Have you got any advice for future Grooms?

What was your wedding inspiration?

The Cyprus sunsets, so all the colours of the sunset. The bird of paradise flower is my favourite so we were lucky to be able to get some for the bouquet from the local florist.

Get involved in the planning and the details. Even if your partner is good at organising and ALL that stuff, she will want you to be involved (whether you want to or not!)


Planner: Anita at The King Evelthon

Hair Stylist: My Bridesmaid Keeley Davis

Make Up: Me!

Bride's Dress: Reformation

Bridesmaid's Dresses: Chosen by Bridesmaids

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: River Island

DJ: Cyprus Funtastic Weddings

Flowers: Bought from the local florist and made up by my maid of honour Charlotte Davis

Entertainment: Cyprus Funtastic Weddings

“Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.” – Elaine Davis